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YES! I too have glowing skin despite only having gone vegan a few weeks ago ( was 'almost' vegan for a few months before that though) after experiencing the first acne I have in years, early last year. I too feel lighter and have more energy and stamina in general and I'm also without migraines , even when I sleep in ( which was a big trigger for me) and am sleeping better in general. I don't know if this is the avoidance of dairy or eating more of the other stuff but something is working!
I've also found my mood is a lot more balanced...or is that the increase in sleep
? And perhaps the increase in sleep is the more energy to run around ? Whoooo knows. I do know that barring the strange stomach ache I had for two weeks or so ( possibly unrelated and was feeling great apart from that) it's been awesome.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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