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Do you believe in astrology?

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Lately I've been all amused with these adorable astrology cartoons from - I like all of them, but this one (first attachment) is extra cute:

Anyhow, I like astrology stuff, but I'm not super into it or anything. BUT then recently I realized how many of my friends (good friends) have the same signs. Like many of my best friends, plus my roommate are Aries. I'm a Sagittarius, and we're supposed to get along really well with Aries, so I find it odd that I actually do.

Then I got into a fight with another friend (Taurus) who is all, signs are bull, and it sort of went on and on.

Anyhow, so it's not like I believe you should plan your life around signs or anything, but really it's amusing to me how many people I know who DO have traits of their sign. Seriously, I'm super Sag. Like I saw this "annoying Sag" poster (2nd attachment) and right away was like, uh oh, my poor best friend puts up with a lot from me.

What's your sign (not a pick-up-line) and do you believe that signs play a part in your traits or not?


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I don't believe in the horoscope predictions, but my sign's traits (Scorpio) do happen to fit me.
One interesting thing though is that Scorpios and Aries aren't supposed to get along too well. That has been true for me so far. The childhood friend I had the most fights with growing up is an Aries. My ex is an Aries and we fought a lot too.
I try not to pick mates based on signs either, but I think at this point I might actually avoid having a closer relationship with Aries people. I mean, I'm not going to be like, "Oh wait. You're an Aries. Can't date you", but I'll honestly go into the relationship not having much confidence in it. I find that they get angry too easily (even easier than Scorpios), and everything has to be their way. Not saying every Aries person is like this, but the ones I know are. One thing I like about Aries people is that they're supposedly ambitious. Too bad my ex wasn't. He had the negative traits of his sign, but very few of the positive traits.
Ha ha ha! My son is Aquarius. I get along with him very well. And other Aquarius folks too.
Not sure how I feel about Aquarius. My uncle, whom I live with, is an Aquarius and I get along with him fine for the most part, but I find him to be way too emotionally detached (which is a trait of Aquarius people), sometimes to the point where he doesn't care about anyone's feelings. Hopefully, the Aquarius in your lives are not like that.

I don't know any Scorpios. There are people I know are Scorpios, but we're not friends or anything. Back in middle school, I knew this guy who was born at the same time as me. But we haven't talked since then. We also didn't have a close enough relationship for me to say if I get along with other Scorpios or not.
I'm a pretty firm believer that this, and all other religious or "spiritual" stuff is pretty much nonsense. In my case, I'm a Leo, but I've never been anything like the "typical" Leo personality. Not that I care, but my mom was kind of into this stuff, so I was aware of it from an early age.

That pretty much sums it up. I read about a college professor who once handed out "personalized" horoscopes for all his students on the first day of class, telling them that he looked up their birthdays and got them all done before class started. He asked them how many thought their horoscope described them well, and almost everyone raised their hand. Then, he had them trade with the person next to them, and they realized that he'd handed the exact same description to everyone, and it was vague enough to be interpreted as saying whatever the reader wanted to hear.

This is known as a self fulfilling prophecy. You won't work out with an Aries because you don't expect to, not because they're an Aries. Go into it not knowing their sign, and the relationship will have a better chance of working.

I definitely didn't think like that before my relationship with my ex (who is an Aries), even after knowing his sign. Aries (at least the ones I've known) just get angry way too easily for me (and this is coming from a Scorpio), and tend to be bossy. He would seriously threaten to break up with me, if I didn't feel like stopping at Tim Hortons on our way home, even though he could just go there when we got home. If we took a long road trip (and he doesn't drive), he was bossy over what music to play in a car that's not his. To be fair, there were other factors about him that made it not work out that have nothing to do with him being an Aries, but from experience Aries are the sign that I get along with the least.
Either way, I'm engaged (to a non-Aries) now, so it doesn't matter.
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