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Do you believe in astrology?

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Lately I've been all amused with these adorable astrology cartoons from - I like all of them, but this one (first attachment) is extra cute:

Anyhow, I like astrology stuff, but I'm not super into it or anything. BUT then recently I realized how many of my friends (good friends) have the same signs. Like many of my best friends, plus my roommate are Aries. I'm a Sagittarius, and we're supposed to get along really well with Aries, so I find it odd that I actually do.

Then I got into a fight with another friend (Taurus) who is all, signs are bull, and it sort of went on and on.

Anyhow, so it's not like I believe you should plan your life around signs or anything, but really it's amusing to me how many people I know who DO have traits of their sign. Seriously, I'm super Sag. Like I saw this "annoying Sag" poster (2nd attachment) and right away was like, uh oh, my poor best friend puts up with a lot from me.

What's your sign (not a pick-up-line) and do you believe that signs play a part in your traits or not?


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I really enjoy the Chinese zodiac. There's a lot to it, imo. :) I was born in the year of the Earth Dog. :)
I've tried last month to say my opinion about Saggittarius in between Aquarius and Aries, but my msg probably didn't reach the server ;-(

Well, if there are signs we have to be carefull, it's actually Saggitarius as they can be cruel as Scorpio or indifferent as Capricorn. Unfortunately Saggi's characters may be evident in all signs, but they do not bother the pretty personality of Aquarius .. rather the weakness of Aries.

There's always some to learn ;-)
Hey, I married a Sagittarius 27 years ago and have a 25 year old Sagittarius daughter. They're both nice! :)
I have been interested in Chinese astrology for some time. I am an earth dog, married to a rat, daughter an earth dragon, son a rooster. It's pretty interesting, a lot more to it than just the "year of the horse" or whatever.
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