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Do you believe in astrology?

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Lately I've been all amused with these adorable astrology cartoons from - I like all of them, but this one (first attachment) is extra cute:

Anyhow, I like astrology stuff, but I'm not super into it or anything. BUT then recently I realized how many of my friends (good friends) have the same signs. Like many of my best friends, plus my roommate are Aries. I'm a Sagittarius, and we're supposed to get along really well with Aries, so I find it odd that I actually do.

Then I got into a fight with another friend (Taurus) who is all, signs are bull, and it sort of went on and on.

Anyhow, so it's not like I believe you should plan your life around signs or anything, but really it's amusing to me how many people I know who DO have traits of their sign. Seriously, I'm super Sag. Like I saw this "annoying Sag" poster (2nd attachment) and right away was like, uh oh, my poor best friend puts up with a lot from me.

What's your sign (not a pick-up-line) and do you believe that signs play a part in your traits or not?


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I enjoy horoscopes for amusement but I don't believe in astrology at all. There have been too many times where I have accidentally read a description of the wrong sign and still thought it sounded like me. Also my step-dad has the same sign as me and we get along but we are very different in a lot of ways, and we have vastly different experiences in our lives. The idea that my step-dad and I must be having the same kind of day because the stars happen to be aligned a certain way seems silly to me.

The human brain is very good at finding patterns and trying to seek order in chaos, the way they write horoscopes and descriptions of star signs is intentionally vague so it can apply to anyone at any time. You'll always find a way to make it fit you and your personality.
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This is true. Still... how come all the Sags I know are either super loud or crazy quiet - it's like there's ZERO in-between for them (me included).

And all the Aries I know are a lot alike and so on and so on with other signs...

I can't for the life of me figure out why being born at the same time would ACTUALLY make you like someone else born at the same time though. So, basically, I'm not sure what's up - other than you're 100% right about vague.
Well, I'm a Sagittarius and I am pretty loud.... :p

But then once again my step-dad is also a Sag and he isn't really loud or quiet.

I think we all just try to find meaning in things, it's the same part of our brain that sees faces in tree bark and shapes in the clouds.
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