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Do not buy Sure deodorant!

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I recently looked at the ingredients of my Sure (Unilever brand) deodorant and found that it contains "gelatin crosspolymer" (cue alarm bells). I emailed the Sure people to ask if this is indeed the same gelatine found in food and got this response:

"In Response to your Email, I would like to give you the following information on Gelatin Crosspolymer.

Sure antiperspirants provide lasting odour protection thanks to its unique MotionSense technology. This technology works with micro-capsules that provide a burst of fragrance when you move, when you need it most. The gelatine helps shape the micro-capsules, it is fish derived, sourced from sustainable source and is Halal certified."

So I've been spraying myself with fish (not the scent I was looking for), which is pretty gross.

I know that there are issues about buying from these kinds of brands due to animal testing but, while they are equally important topics, that's not what this post is about- I just wanted to warn anybody who may find themselves using the product and inadvertently giving themselves fishy pits...

Every Sure product that I have checked (several from mens, women, aerosol and roll-on) contains the "gelatin crosspolymer"
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not to mention that unilever test on cute lil animals :( thanks for spreading the message <3
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