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First off, you don't need to eat legumes and grains in perfect combinations at the same meals in order to achieve "complete" proteins. You can simply eat a variety of plant foods and usually you will get enough protein as long as you get enough calories. People vary and athletes, children, and older people need a bit more protein than the rest of us, but in general if you like veg food and you eat plenty of it then you're probably OK. This is particularly true if you enjoy beans.

Second, it's an interesting question so let's try to find the answer. I'm not a dietician and I don't want to act like I'm an expert, but I'm really good at google
So... nutritiondata says that 1 cup or raw green peas amino acid profile is...Tryptophan53.7mg /Threonine294mg/ Isoleucine283mg /Leucine468mg/ Lysine460mg /Methionine119mg /Cystine46.4mg /Phenylalanine290mg /Tyrosine165mg /Valine341mg /Arginine621mg /Histidine155mg /Alanine348mg /Aspartic acid719mg /Glutamic acid1075mg/ Glycine267mg /Proline251mg /Serine262mg Hydroxyproline 0. Then it also says that 1 cup of cooked long grain brown rice is Tryptophan64.4mg /Threonine185mg/ Isoleucine213mg/ Leucine417mg /Lysine193mg /Methionine113mg /Cystine60.5mg /Phenylalanine259mg /Tyrosine189mg/ Valine294mg/ Arginine382mg /Histidine129mg /Alanine294mg/ Aspartic acid472mg /Glutamic acid1026mg /Glycine248mg /Proline236mg /Serine261mg /Hydroxyproline 0. he same source also says a complete protein has Tryptophan 7mg/g, Threonine 27mg/g, Isoleucine 25mg/g, Leucine 55mg/g, Lysine 51mg/g, Methionine+Cystine 25mg/g, Phenylalanine+Tyrosinemg/g, 47mg/g, Valine 32mg/g, Histidine 18mg/g. S it looks like those two together would indeed yeild a complete protein.

If you want some ideas of foods that are really good at offering complete proteins, here's a list I found. Notce the second combo:
•Black beans and rice
•Pasta and peas
•Whole wheat bread and peanut butter
•Bean soup and crackers
•Sunflower seeds and peanuts
•Hummus (the traditional kind with chickpeas and tahini)
•Lentils and almonds

For more info on protein, here is a detailed article: In that article, the case is made for tracking your lysine instake rather than counting other amino acids or "protein" in general.
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