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I agree with Tinydancer,

You will need to adjust slowly and possibly chew your food very well or blend it into veggie/fruit shakes.

Your question: Is vegetarianism good or bad for your digestive health?

Depends on the diet you eat, if you are a vegunkatarian and eat mostly highly proccessed white flours, sugars and oils I don't think it is any worse than the SAD diet. If you eat a lot of vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds then I think vegetarianism is GREAT for your health.

You can go either way.

Coca Cola is vegan right? Have you seen what it will do to a tooth or a penny soaking in it for a couple weeks?

Beans should be part of a healthy diet. Maybe you could try eating just 1-3 everyday and work your way up. I think a small amount like 3 beans would be very gentle on your digestive track.
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