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Dietician or Naturopath (Ottawa, Canada)/Introduction

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Hi everyone,
Just found this group and I'm looking forward to reading posts and learning a lot. I am 39 and female. I've been a carbitarian (vegetarian) for about 20 years. I have a lot of weight to lose - 100 lbs. I started getting healthy and eating right and got hit with gallbladder issues and pancreatitis due to a blocked duct. I also found out I have fatty liver (non alcoholic). Two weeks post surgery.

I want to continue eating well and my diet is quite limited to carbs still. I have GI issues from the gallbladder removal which will have to work itself out because of fat intolerance.

I would like to get advice on how to eat healthy. It is extremely overwhelming to research a balanced diet that has to be low in fat without being all carbs and one I can stick to. Carbs trigger cravings for more carbs and I will have to minimize them.

I would like advice on whether to go with a naturopath or dietician. And how do you find one that is vegetarian friendly. I went to a naturopath a couple years ago and they really pushed eating meat. I am in Ottawa Canada.

Off to read your articles and recipe ideas. Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi and welcome. :) What is off- limits medically for you? Registered Dieticians are usually knowlegeable.

I don't know much about weight loss, but eating veg is a very healthy way to do it! :) A lot of people like fatfreevegan's blog, there is lots of great information here and out there in blog land! :)
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Thanks for the feedback and the site. Right now low fat is needed and vegetarian. My stomach and GI tract are having trouble with fat which is a good thing maybe. All of my extra weight is from my poor diet. i'm sure once I start eating better things will improve here also.
Wow, I just looked at the site and it looks great!!!!!! I wish I had joined a forum or found that website prior to now. I just found the recipe section here too and I'm loving all the ideas. Thank you.
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I'd second the idea that you go to a dietician, just to have the medical stuff discussed.

And yes, fatfreevegan is the BOMB! There's an almond 'cheese' spread thing that I just love. (But not sure if the fat in the nuts is okay for you. If it is, I recommend it!).
I've been seeing a naturopathic doctor for most of my health care for about 8 years now and I couldn't be happier. Mine is Vegan, as is his whole family. I picked him in part because I knew he would not try to push meat (at the time, it seemed like everyone was telling me that fish and milk would cure all my problems!!). He made some considerable adjustments to my diet and suggested some supplements. Over time, I began seeing him for other issues too like a sleeping problem etc. Saw him just last week for help with a particularly bad cold.

Because you have had your gallbladder out... I've noticed over the years that some people who have theirs out end up having serious digestive problems (particularly with fat of any kind). I would definitely see an ND, one who specializes in vegetarian nutrition, to help you figure out what is best for you to eat now, and if you need some digestive enzymes, probiotics and such. (Yes, you can theoretically try taking these things yourself, but again, having no gall bladder makes it non-intuitive and you may have a hard time reaching success.)

I would start making phone calls. You need to explain that you've had your gall bladder out, that you are a vegetarian, and ask if the doctor feels comfortable advising you within those parameters. Also ask about her/his credentials: make sure s/he has gone to an accredited school (there are only 7 such schools in North America, you can read more about that here:
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