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I have been 70% raw for just 3 days (from 30% or less), but starting yesterday I have symptoms of a head cold, flu or allergies (or combination). Mainly itchy watery eyes and sinuses, lots of sneezing and drainage, and even some mild fever. Outside of all that I just pretty much feel not so great really. So could detox have really started this fast and severe or am I just blessed with coincidental timing of a cold/allergies/whatever?
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Hi BlindLemon,

I am by no means an expert, but I've been reading David Wolfe's book and one of the possible detox symptoms he describes is flu/cold-like symptoms, so it could certainly be that.

Or it could just be that spring weather

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i would say for sure that you are just detoxifying. i am alwys cleansing and such, and an all fruits/veggie detox hit me after the first day.
A good probiotic will help if it is allergies.
Yep, those are all normal detox symptoms. Having a "cold" is essentially a detox. If you have allergies, some could be your allergies too. I don't have any allergies myself so not sure what time of the year they normally start for people for seasonal allergies. Doing raw might lessen or get rid of your allergies actually - I have heard of many people going raw and they got rid of their allergies.

Hang in there. You will feel better once the detox runs its course.
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Thanks for the info everyone. I slept really hard the other night, and woke up yesterday feeling great. I feel real good today as well, so whatever it was has run it's course.
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