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I'm going to a Christmas party tomorrow night, and am assigned to bring a dessert (plus a main course for myself, because the wankers won't serve ANYTHING veg- there's bacon bits and caesar dressing on the salad, turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with cream, butter and bacon bits. Ugh.) I'm thinking of bringing a wrap of some sort for myself (although I'd rather bring something a bit more festive... but I don't want anything that they'll think looks 'weird' because I REALLY can't deal with food criticism right now), plus...

What can I bring for a dessert? My big problem is that all of the cookie recipes I've looked at need a lot of margarine and/or coconut oil, and I have no coconut oil and very limited amounts of margarine on hand. Does anyone have a tried-and-VERY-true recipe for some sort of a dessert (gingerbread, perhaps?) that they could share?

Thank you!
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