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Chocolate Covered Dillos (Vegan Twinkies)

We might live in a desert, but we're not dry. Cakewalk Baking Company, nominated as one of the best bakery in the country, shows how good being vegan can be. From Dillos, Eclairs and a cornucopia of cupcakes flavors, from creme filled, truffle filled to fruit filled, Cakewalk shows going vegan doesn't mean going without. They don't stop there, but have a soft serve machine and created soy nog ice cream! Oh, and they will even make a cupcake milkshake! Anyway, check out the link for more non edible reasons why Cakewalk should win Veg News Best Vegan Bakery as well as more pictures of the treats I've had from them. Check out the post here:
and vote here:

Creme Puff
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