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I've been feeling really down lately. There's just a lot going on. I'm very stressed and frustrated with the director of the play that I am in right now, my first big college paper is due soon, my job is being HORRIBLE to me, I'm in the process of finding a new job... I dunno.

It seems like the things that would be getting me down are things I've dealt with before. I've been annoyed with directors, but this play is over in two weeks and then I never have to deal with this guy again. My paper is nearly written, I just need to conduct the survey for it. Obviously my job's stressing me out, but my hours have gone way down, so I don't even have to spend a lot of time there. And I'm pretty sure that I will get a new job at a place that I already love.

So what's the deal? I just feel very slow and tired all the time. It just seems like nothing makes me happy. I have no appetite, but I'm still eating normally...

any help here?

I'm thinking as soon as this play's over, stuff will start looking up...
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It sounds like you are having a rough time just because it's all happening at once. That happens to everyone sometimes, and the stress can be pretty rough on your body. I hope things cool down soon.
Emotions suck and are hard to figure out. Maybe you feel like that cause of stuff going on, or maybe you just feel the way you feel and your rationalizing it by identifying all the stuff going poorly or causing you stress. Then by focusing on al the stuff that might be wrong in your life, you begin to feel even worse. Of course if things were fine, that stress wouldn't be so bad, it would just be life. At least that is what always happens to me.

Do the best you can to boost your mood, take time to relax, get things stressing you out done if possible, take care of yourself, eat right, try to exercise, have some fun. It will probably go away. Make your happiness a priority in your life. It's more important than most other things. If it gets worse or starts to be too much, don't hesitate to talk to a doc or someone else who can help you figure out what is happening. I hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks, guys! Stuff is already looking up for me... I went into the bookstore today to check up on my application, and the manager took my name and number and then she put a star next to my name... stars usually signify good things!
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