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i feel really pathetic posting this needy post

but i was just coming up to my two month veganniversary and then i find out that i have been drinking non vegan oatley

i can't believe it cause when i went to the health food shop and asked the lady for help (she was vegan) she never said that the fortified one wasn't vegan

i feel like its two months down the drain

two months of not eating any animal products, i even changed my toothpaste, shampoo and soap! but then all the time ive been drinking animal products
i feel really hypocritical cause i've told people i'm vegan when its come up in conversation and now i feel like i have been lying to everyone...
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btw, doesn't the new design for Oatly suck? The old design was far better!

When I can get my hands on some & can afford some, I buy the original thats vegan.. I never drank any fortified one, so I don't know about that, but thanx for letting us know....I hope you do well on your vegan journey and don't berate yourself for your honest mistake or I guess misdemeanour in the case of the shop keeper.

How please did you discover, the D3, in the end after it was too late n' all?... Anyway don't worry.... you're doing good.
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