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<div class="quote-block">This Monday a small delegation presented Aileen Malone with a paper petition signed by 2,400 people mostly people who live within Aberdeen. Lush who have been outstanding in their support and energy towards stopping the cull came along, as did Jeanette, and Fred Wilkinson of the Voice. We met the Press, presented the signatures, and hoped this would have some impact on Malone.<br><br>
Yesterday, Tuesday 10th May I might have had a chance to address the Housing & Environment Committee. Not only had Malone sent me an email saying they would vote on the cull, but the extraordinary lack of consultation with Torry Community Council had or rather should have been grounds for speaking.<br><br>
It was on an incredible technicality that Aileen Malone suggested we should not be allowed to speak. No physical, paper report had been attached to todays Housing & Environment Committee Meetings papers. The previous meetings minutes reported that a report would be made concerning the deer cull.</div>
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<div class="quote-block">An animal charity has hit out after being told £235,000 must be raised to prevent deer in Aberdeen being culled to protect a tree-planting scheme.<br><br>
The city council said some deer may have to be destroyed to protect new tree saplings being planted on Tullos hill to the south of the city.<br><br>
The money would pay for fencing, which the council cannot afford.<br><br>
But the charity Animal Concern said the tree-planting should be postponed rather than a cull being carried out.<br><br>
Animal Concern's John Robins told BBC Scotland it was "blood money" and they would not even try to raise it.</div>
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