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Deathly afraid of pelvic exam; want to start using BC

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I'm 15 years old and have really bad period pains. I want to start to use birth control regulate and help with period pains. My mother has been pushing me to go to the gyno. I really really don't want to because i'm scared of being forced to have a pelvic exam. I am not sexually active and haven't had any problems down here. I have done a lot of research on if they can force you to have a pelvic. Some people say that they can't force you when others say they can, even to the point of sedation. A lot of people say is no big deal to have a pelvic exam. I'm just very very uncomfortable with the thought of it. :crying: Does anyone have any advice? Can they physically force me to have a pelvic? Do I really need one, if I'm NOT sexually active and never had problems down there and only using BC for period related things? Are pelvics really need at my age? Please help I'm really scared. I have never missed a period before either.
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hi softball31, I am in my early 30s now, and I have had I think 5 pelvic exams so far. Back in 2003 I went to Family Planning where I grew up in Maine, and they made you have a pelvic exam before they would give you birth control. It was an awful first experience with a very rude older doctor who should have retired by then. Here are things I wish I had done differently in my youth....

#1- I had horribly painful periods since starting them when I was 14, I would miss a day of school, a day of my life every single month because I could not get out of bed. It felt like a professional boxer punching me in the stomach every 5 seconds. I wish someone had told me the pill would virtually erase my crippling cramps and give me my life back.

#2- I wish I had gone to a regular doctor in a regular practice with my mom when I decided to go on the pill at age 21. Instead I went alone to a Family Planning place, it was scary to go alone and to be in a slightly depressing atmosphere.

#3- I wish I could control my anxiety when I still get paps every few years for health check ups, but I can't, and everything locks right up so to speak. Thank goodness I have a great doctor that prescribed me a relaxing medication to take in the waiting room before I go in for my paps. This helps me a lot.

Anyway, I hope this is not too much info, I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only girl in the world that has painful periods, and dreads getting a pap smear. You will need to have one eventually just to make sure you are healthy....but its ok, you will get older and with that comes more bravery...and logic will win out over fear more easily. I am glad your mom is going with you.....and you don't have to do anything you don't want to do!
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