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Hello all,

The name is Shay, I am vegan, and activist (in another country..) and a few other things..

But that's not what I wanted to talk about..

In the last months I have engaged myself in a long term project of building a free dating site, a service to the Internet community, inspired, in a way, by the "open source" idea.

This project has born fruit (is that a
expression or what?), and is now open to the public.

What sets this project apart of others, other than the ideology behind it to support the community and be supported voluntarily by the community, is its multi-questionnaire structure:

Everybody has these things that are really important to them when looking for a spouse. We engage in different lifestyles, habits, hobbies, and practices; We have different ideologies and beliefs; We differ in our personality in countless ways; and we have our specific sexual preferences. All these MATTER when looking for a spouse.

Yet dating sites typically have a one size fits all questionnaire with a handful of parameters to fill in. Users profiles are often dogmatic, and even expressing oneself in the free-text area is almost an anomaly...

Some web sites are sectoral, but then - they lack the exposure a "mainstream" dating site would have, because they only aim at a certain population. I think this is the problem with some of "out" veg oriented dating sites...

On the other hand, the internet hosts countless online communities, people who gathered around their special interests and characteristics!

This new project tries to get the to concepts together, by allowing internet communities (like us) add their own questionnaires to the website, which become a part of it. This, basically means that the users have a say about what is important to them, what they are looking for, and what is asked on the dating site. Everybody (meaning - not just people in that community) is invited to take these questionnaires, and some of the questions in each questionnaire become a part of the search form (so, you can look for all users who took this questionnaire, or even look for all users that checked option x in response to question y in questionnaire z).

Once again, these questionnaires are defined in a team effort by the communities themselves, with the aid of the site's team, not just by "Jim" or "Jane". While it is my hope that we will include as many communities as possible, we are still talking about something of the magnitude of a few dozens of participating communities. A few dozens of communities, and a few dozens of questionnaires, is still manageable, and assures that all users will be exposed to all questionnaires...

There is a brainstorming thread about what to include and how right here. Please give your input and express yourselves!

The main dating site's address is

Oh, and Please do register. Don't wait for others to do it first... This website is a service to the community. Support it, and make it good!

Hope yo see you there.

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