Veganism is a lifestyle. Whether you've committed to eschewing animal-derived products for health reasons or moral reasons, your dedication is something that sets you apart from most people. Unfortunately, like any other major lifestyle dedication, it can take its toll on your dating life: especially since eating out is a go-to date night for many couples. But dating while vegan doesn't mean being forever alone - what it does mean is carefully evaluating your and your partner's priorities, values and willingness to compromise.

Is Dating a Non-Vegan a Deal-breaker?

Only you can decide if dating a non-vegan is a deal-breaker. And if your goal in dating is to build a long-term life with your partner, the question holds even more weight. If you've embraced veganism as a matter of morals and ethics, then dating a non-vegan - or at least a person who isn't willing to embrace the lifestyle - may, in fact, be a deal-breaker. Especially in the long term, since most successful relationships hinge on partners sharing each others' core values. If you've gone vegan for the health benefits, it may be possible to live with the prospect of dating a non-vegan - or someone who is hesitant to give up animal-based foods and items.

What About Eating Out?

If eating out is the core of your date night plans, you and your non-vegan partner are going to have to do some research on places that can accommodate you both. Finding places that cater to your dietary needs is a great indicator of whether your partner is willing to try new things and, more to the point, how willing they are to go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are seen to and taken care of.

Finding vegan-friendly date night spots doesn't have to be a burden, though: trying new places and dishes together is an exciting prospect for many, especially if you're a foodie. Pull up Yelp! or another review site, choose from the list of veg-friendly spots in your town and have a culinary adventure.

What Compromises Will You Make?

A good partner would - and will - never ask you to sacrifice something that's essential to the core of your being. Any partner that asks, hints or intimates that you should give up veganism for their convenience or comfort is probably someone you won't want to be around for too long. But every relationship requires a little bit of compromise from both partners - it might be that you both decide to stay home and cook a meal that you can both enjoy while bingeing on Netflix rather than dinner out and a movie. It might be agreeing to attend a family function - as long as your partner is willing to ensure there's food you can eat, too. It might be overlooking the fact that your partner wears leather boots to work - as long as they get left at the door when they come home from work. Relationships require give and take and the ability to work together to face whatever obstacles life throws at you: decide what's important to you and what you can be flexible about.

Dating While Vegan

Dating while vegan isn't impossible -- there's a whole world of people out there who share your values and lifestyle. And dating a non-vegan isn't necessarily out of the realm of possibility for most people - especially if your partner is willing to listen to your needs and help find a way to accommodate them and vice versa. As with any relationship, clear communication and problem-solving skills are a must.

What's your best (or worst!) "dating while vegan" story?