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Cut myself some slack?

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I'm wondering if I should do this. I want to be vegan, but it's hard. I'm like 50% there. I don't drink milk or eat eggs, but sometimes eat stuff that contains it. I really love yogurt and ice cream and haven't found a good enough sub yet. I was only using honey cuz it's natural but if there's a better substitute I'd love to try it. Should I just be a half vegan?
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Originally Posted by lucky_charm View Post

There is not necessarily a right or wrong way to go vegan. I think you gave a lot of good advice but substitutes (especially soya mince, marge, soya milk and soya cream) were a huge help for me when I went vegan.
I agree, how many or little substitutes you want to use is dependent on you and your lifestyle. My mom didn't want to buy me substitutes in the first month of me going vegan. I think she didn't think I'd make it that long, so she didn't want to spend a lot of money on special things like that if I was just going through a phase. Now I see the bright side of things because I realized I don't need substitutes when I didn't think about them, but now that I'm beginning to try some of them, I also see how it makes veganism more interesting and they can also be helpful in trying new recipes.

I went from omni to vegan cold turkey, and my biggest advice is focusing on what you can eat, not what you can't. Your attitude plays a big part in your outlook on veganism, you kind of have to try to clear your mind to avoid cravings. Instead of craving you can direct that to your favorite new vegan foods. When you start thinking about your favorite omni foods, you'll just make yourself upset and it won't help at all.
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