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Cut myself some slack?

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I'm wondering if I should do this. I want to be vegan, but it's hard. I'm like 50% there. I don't drink milk or eat eggs, but sometimes eat stuff that contains it. I really love yogurt and ice cream and haven't found a good enough sub yet. I was only using honey cuz it's natural but if there's a better substitute I'd love to try it. Should I just be a half vegan?
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It took me AGES to go fully vegan with a lot of going back and forth and slip ups and cheats and mistakes, it's a learning process for sure.

If you're 50% there right now maybe just keep going with that for awhile until you feel more comfortable with it? Force of habit is a powerful thing, the more you eat a certain way the more natural it becomes until it would feel weird and uncomfortable to go back. Once the level you're at now gets to that point where it's habit and you don't think about it you can try going a little further.
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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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