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Croquette help, vegan!

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is it possible to turn corn chips into crumbs coat mashed potato dehydrated and deep fry it?

winder wether it would work?
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Your meaning is:

Crush corn chips into a fine crumb, and put on a plate.

Spread a patty of mashed potato on the corn chips, and cover both sides.

Dehydrate the patty.

Fry the dehydrated patty.


If so, yes, this should work. But in the process the corn chips crumbs will very likely burn in the oil since they've already been thoroughly cooked (and fried already).

Frying it seems redundant if you've already coated it in something pre-fried.

Why would you use this method? Limited ingredients?

Better off using cornmeal; that's the normal way to do it if you're planning to fry it.

If you're just dehydrating it and not frying it, using crushed corn chips is an interesting way to go indeed.

Remember, the water content of the coating should be pretty high to avoid burning while frying. Frying fried chips again is asking for trouble IMO.
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Crushed corn chips (like Fritos right?) make a good topping for baked patties. Since they're already oily they crisp things up well and keep from drying out.

I'm not getting the idea of dehydrating. Wouldn 't you mash drained potatoes and add onions and whatever and then enough flour to shape before breading?

Did you maybe mean corn flake crumbs?

One tip I'd gotten here was to refrigerate covered after coating patties with crumbs to hold together and keep crumbs from coming off during cooking.
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