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I think the problem is that it's hard to help you across the internet. Eating disorders are really vile things and it's so hard to get rid of them, I think it's difficult to give you the right kind of advice without personally knowing you, y'know
At least I don't know what exact advice to give you, but I'm holding my thumbs for you!

I know this is probably not helpful because I have no eating disorder (or if anything, it's more in the overeating scale of things) but: food is your friend. It really is. It's what makes your body work, it has all those beautiful little amino acids, calcium and iron and whatnot that keep you alive. And no matter how badly you treat it and no matter what kind of **** you're going through at any point in your life, your body will always do its utmost to get you through and it will never complain to you. I hope that you will be able to help it do all of that in the future too!
Honesty, for someone who does not have an eating disorder, you have magnificent insight into things!!
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