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Credible articles and links on environmental impact

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We all have read articles and information on how eating plant based is good for the environment and meat industry is bad.

But still, most meat eaters I believe are somewhat ignorant of the environmental aspect of animal industry.

I have gathered up some articles and sources which I believe are credible and presented them all in one place which you can directly share with a meat eater.

If you have any other links or sources which might be credible (credible in the sense not coming from any animal rights group or random websites but objective news sources, world organizations on environment or reputed universities) PLEASE DO SHARE them in the thread which I can include in the doc.

If you have any suggestions and comments as well, I would appreciate them.
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(Evaluating the environmental impact of various dietary patterns combined with different food production systems from the European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition)
(Diet and the Environment: Does What You Eat Matter? Harold J Marlow, William K Hayes, Samuel Soret, Ronald L Carter, Ernest R Schwab, and Joan Sabate´ )

There are a ton more actual studies if you go to Google Scholar and type in "Impact of Vegan Diet on Environment".
I understand what you mean about the ignorance. I was there a few weeks ago with them. Now I'm learning and trying to make progressive change.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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