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I think your ideas are wonderful! Wish I could join in! Your fiesta ware would look great with some of the pumpkins and gourds that are now available, maybe mixed with some of the cut sunflowers and goldenrod that are in most of the stores around here now.

Here's a few factoids from Vegan Outreach's "Why Vegan?" brochure that short and to the point:

"The competition to produce inexpensive meat, eggs, and dairy products has let animal agribusiness to treat animals as objects and commodities. The world-wide trend is to replace small family farms with "factory farms" - large warehouses where animals are confined in crowded pens or in restrictive stalls."

"Virtually all US birds raised for food are factory farmed. Inside densely populated building, enormous amounts of waste accumulate. The resulting ammonia levels commonly cause painful burns to the birds' skin, eyes, and respiratory tracts."

"From 1940 to 2008, average per-cow milk production rose from 2 to 10 tons per year, some cows have surpassed 30 tons. High milk production often causes udder breakdown, leading to early slaughter. It is unprofitable to keep cows alive once their milk production declines. They are usually killed at 5-6 years of age , although their normal life span exceeds 20."

"The motion picture "Babe" is the way Americans want to think of pigs. Real-life Babes see no sun in their limited lives, with no hay to lie on, no mud to roll in. The sows live in tiny cages, so narrow they can't even turn around. They live over metal grates, and their waste is pushed through slats beneath them and flushed into huge pits."
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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