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Well I am a newbie here so hellot o everyone i go instrested cause i sure would love to swap hair dye ideas and such..

I always have loved blue and decided to try special effects it works but dosen't last as much and i notice dye blue its harder to keep on when washiung it just keeps on comming out, and it feels like such of wast of money of the special effects for it to wash off

I have been sticking to the new Blue hair product called Splat also and i love it plus it stain even worse than any other product i'v treid, the only place i seem to only find it at is at Walgreens
is $10. something like 11 bucks..

Trouble though i can't find a shamppo at all to go with blue hair herbal ennced has been horrible to me since my old man uses it And i dread useing it cause it strips out my blue

I live out her in Calfornia , Sabernardino but I hope everyone is able to find this product in a Walgreens Now only have in 2 colors red and blue envy ,

Iwant to try the red so bad but I've been sticking oout the blue as long as I can , damn i love both colors though

I wonder how we can get the makers to come out with more wild color chocies :p
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