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Uhggh.....You really get me to examining my diet Terri!:popcorn:

I've made vegan ranch similiar to your recipe, but silken tofu with a good amount of olive oil and more lemon to balance it out.
I want to try it your way but so afraid I won't like it enough!
I've been finding I eat more fat than I had previously thought, esp in nuts and seeds.

On a side note- I find if eat fats along with raw veggies they digest better. If I eat just raw veggies, esp zucchini, they sit like mulch and just don't seem to want to digest. Very painful. I can eat tons of salad with raw veggies, but always have an oil/vinegar dressing and walnuts and olives

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If you decide to try it, you can always sprinkle walnuts and/or pumpkin seeds on top for your fat. I'd love to know what you think if you make the dip/dressing. Tweak it for your taste, and I'm betting it'll be a win! :)
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