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I need some help! Vegetarian (lacto ovo) for nine years.

Playing rugby for 3 years. Soft tissue hip injury last March (ligamentous avulsion).

It's taking an unusually long time to heal. Also, my bruises, contusions, and soreness take longer than teamates to heal. I'm prone to infections in my scrapes despite good hygeine. My teamates say I need meat, I want to hear from the veg world.

I need to hear from someone with experience with contact sports, as the type of upkeep your body does is not like other sports.

I eat beans, tofu, lentils, whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, cheese, yogurt, sometimes eggs. I take multivitamins, omega complex, calcium/mag., glucosamine, and protein (whey) powder on days I lift weights or did not eat enough protein.

Is there some type of protein found only in meat that my body needs due to the high level of abuse and injury repair?

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