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When you choose to give a non vegan grocery store, like Safeway, your money for tofu (when you just so happen to live in the university district of Seattle that has Vegan Haven, a 100% vegan grocery store where not only all of the products are vegan but is also exclusively owned and operated by vegans) your money stimulates non vegans and their operations... As long as there is more demand for animal products, profit from your purchase will always first go towards resupplying the non vegan products...

Taking this logic to its conclusion implies we should try to opt for vegan business every chance we can, that we should support demand for vegan banks, vegan schools, vegan manufacturing, etc

Not everyone can live in Seattle but everyone has access to vegan essentials online... Happy Cow has listings for vegan restaurants everywhere

If the answer to the question "who you give your money to is a relevant moral consideration for vegans" is YES, then being as independent from the omnivore economy as possible would imply that we would eventually need something like a directory of vegan businesses... A lot can be done through the retailers to ensure products come from totally vegan supply chain's

vegan farmer's
vegan transporters
vegan processors
vegan warehouses
vegan retailers
vegan restaurant's

but we should also want to facilitate vegan banks, vegan power plants, vegan law firms, etc. etc. The debate over what would be more consequential, converting omnivore businesses to vegan vs starting whole new businesses ignores the sacrificed principle of what it would mean to needlessly perpetuate omnivores (assuming you have a 100% vegan option available) inbetween now and when they eventually decide to go vegan... the more time goes on, the less likely it seems these profit driven carnists will switch, maybe that wasnt true in the past, but now that we have the internet, lack of insight is less and less plausible

A counter argument I've heard while having this discussion over the years was something like "by buying vegan products at non vegan businesses, you are providing the demand necessary to put those alternative products in front of omnivores", implication being either omnivores would therefor not know vegan alternatives existed at all, or that through some random chance impulse purchases omnivores would eventually decide to go vegan or partially vegan without it being a conscious effort to change

In terms of the money, we are always weighing the ROI between alternatives, there may be some truth to their argument, but considering what could have been, if we instead focused exclusively on vegan haven, having a REGIONAL super center vegan grocery store the size of whole foods (which is only possible with more exclusive demand from Vegans in the puget sound area as it's currently something like 300sq ft) seems like the better option from the perspective of converting new vegans and keeping them vegan

Obvious caveats being if you don't have the money or the proximity to be exclusive or the vegan networking to coordinate monthly trips... "Ought implies Can" aka morality isn't based off of impossible standards
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