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WOW...February was the last post

It may be a bummer that I am going to Stamford....Any vegan/vegetarian restuarant tips?I will be there at the end of September.

If no places to dine, who would like to prepare meals for me that I can pick up daily? LMAO HEHEHEHE JK I will come prepared if the choices are limited.
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Originally Posted by MDee View Post

hey everyone. i'm from wallingford.
hey there..

I saw a post in Connecticut and thought someone was going to pass along info for me. I didn't think there was any vegans in CT!

Any tips for the Stamford area? I will be there at the end of September.

THANKS and welcome
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Have you tried It was somewhat helpful to me...I'm going to Myrtle Beach for Labor Day and was trying to do my homework on finding someplace to eat.
Originally Posted by karenlovessnow View Post

Have you tried It was somewhat helpful to me...I'm going to Myrtle Beach for Labor Day and was trying to do my homework on finding someplace to eat.

I will look into that site.
Hello all!

I stumbled on a link to the 2006 Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. They say its supposed to be one of the largest in the US. Has anyone gone to it before?

It looks like there's some great sponsors. And it's free. I'm just wondering if it's worth the drive....
Hey I am new to this thread, I live right outside of new haven connecticut, does anyone else on this thread take part in the souther connecticut state vegetarian society? i think the next meeting in on this saturday at china pan but I am not sure at all because people talked about moving the meeting to edge of the woods. I also have heard of that festivel, and for the last two years have been planning on going and not, I thougth that there was an entrance fee.
I live in Weston, you may not know where that is, it's next to westport and about 15 min. away from Norwalk. I didn't even know there was a souther conn. state vegetarian society! well now i know
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oh! and to the person who lives in Wallingford, I just went to a show there like last month i think, it's a cute town!
hello all,

i live in new london,CT. anyone from around here?? im just lookin to possibly meet a few veggie friends locally to me to hang out with and chill...i live with my hubby, who isnt veg, and it would just be nice to have someone around who gets it all.....much love,

hey Heidi -

I live in Hartford now, but my parents live in Waterford, so I'm down there pretty often.
I'm in West Hartford, grew up in Wallingford! So lucky that we've got a Trader Joes, an asian market, a Wild Oats, AND a Whole Foods!

China Pan is also nearby, great vegan spareribs!

Any other West Hartford peeps?
Hi folks! I'm a newbie here, but I'm in West Hartford.

I'm a regular on the ChowHound boards, but I just found out about this one!!
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My daughter just moved from Bridgeport to Clinton, but she works in Westport and her husband works in Fairfield.
Really? Westport is right next to where I live.
Cool! Did Wild Oats change over to Whole Foods yet?
Mmmmm Wild Oats is the best!!! I worked there for a while when I was in High School. Even though I do not agree with the Whole Foods buyout, I'm glad that the Westport store wasn't among those that were completely shut down. It will still give us some good food choices.
Right now I'm up in Storrs and the nearest whole foods is in West Hartford... bah. haha
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Yeah, I don't have a Wild Oats near me. I only got there when I visited my daughter. I'm an hour away.
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