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Connecticut It's Only Natural

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Has anyone ever dined at It's Only Natural in Middletown CT? I may be going next Sunday and I was wondering what to expect
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I'm bumping this and probably will do so all week, just in case anyone has input...

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I just saw this - so I'm probably too late, but It's only natural is awesome. My omni bf likes going there too.

I was there Saturday. The sweet potato enchilada is my favorite, unless they have a special that sounds good, and all the desserts I've tried so far are good. Plus they have an awesome little store in the plaza for random veg*n stuff.
It's a bit far from me, but if you give it a good review I may head up there one of these days.
I've only been to so many veg restaurants - Crazy Burger (not really veg, but pretty close), Buddha's Delight, Blood Root and It's only Natural. Out of that list ION is by far the best. I drive 45 minutes to eat there. I can get Indian or Japanese food out locally, but I love getting dessert when I go out to eat, so having vegan dessert options is incredible.

The icing on their cake is rich and creamy, and supposedly their cheesecake is amazing, but I haven't tried it yet. The prices are reasonable, most of the waitresses are really cute, and they have a decent drink/wine list. I haven't had a bad meal yet, although last time we were there, the hummus wasn't very good, but we had the hummus platter once before and it was great, so everything changes daily. Sometimes the greens are a lot better than other times. That's the way it goes with fresh food.
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Ooo...Oooo...someone responded to my thread!!

I LOVED it!!! I had spicy cajun tempeh that was incredibly delicious. I couldn't believe how good it was. It came with brown rice and garlic greens (kale). My daughter (not veggie) had the vegetarian taco which she said was really good. The apple tart was to die for. The coconut cake was actually dry. I was disappointed. And I did not like the cheesecake which supposedly got rave reviews from Vegetarian Times. I'm a total junk food junky, so you can't really go by my taste. I like way too much sugar and sweet desserts. The cheesecake was not very sweet. And the stir fried rice looked amazing but I think they put ginger in it and I do not like to taste ginger in my food. So if you like ginger, you will probably like the fried rice. We also had the cajun fried tofu bits. Really, really good.

As a side note, our waitress was super friendly and very pretty!

I can't wait to go back there and try some more items. Their website hasn't been updated in a long while, so there are items on the website that they no longer serve, like the banana cream cake...I was really looking forward to that. Bummer.
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Glad you liked it! thanks for the cheesecake review. I've been wanting to try it, but it's a sensitive food choice. My bf LOVES cheesecake, and I want to try to make a good vegan one. I know that if the first vegan cheesecake he eats isn't awesome - he will never want try another one again.

Glad you got a good waitress too!
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Originally Posted by lefty2026 View Post

My bf LOVES cheesecake, and I want to try to make a good vegan one. I know that if the first vegan cheesecake he eats isn't awesome - he will never want try another one again.
Ha ha...good point! You should probably try and find a good recipe then. So far I've liked the ones I make better than the one at ION.
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