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HI there, I have two doggies of my own...

Having a dog fight is not the worst thing that can happen. Dogs generally know what is going on. Perhaps after one or two fights the little dog will start to stand up for itself. Reward the good behavior and ignore or stop the bad behavior and in a while all will be well. It will TAKE TIME but don't give up.

Keep having them spend time together and soon they will all be buddies. Also see if you can spend some one-on-one time with your partners dog too, that way it will build her confidence. Anything that will build her confidence is good, as is anything that will allow your two to think that this other dog is not a big deal. Maybe also have them start spending some time around smaller dogs too.

Above all it's important that all three dogs recognize you and your partner as the leaders of the pack.

BUt yes be patient and keep going. My two still hump all the time. :p
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