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YES!! I am a huge Chunks of Energy fan!
I order them in bulk directly from the website. However, two or three of the local nature stores sell them as well in the "serve yourself" area which might be more cost effective for trying out which recipe you like best. After I order bulk, I just divy them up into small portions and then freeze them. I am an advid backpacker as well so these are THE "go-to" snacks for energy for long trips esp for vegans. They are super yummy. Any of the carob recipes are delish.
My 8 year old son has made it a tradition that before every baseball and football game he creates an energy chunk snack bag to bring with him. So they are kid tested as well! hope this helps. they have a great website and are very friendly on twitter and facebook if you want to check out the company more as well.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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