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I wish I could be as eloquent as Jen, but alas...

I'll just say that I agree with her, and I, in no way condemn those who eat dairy, or eggs, or even meat.

When I first became a vegatarian, I didn't even consider that eating eggs and dairy could be considered ethically wrong. I think I had heard of vegans, but I didn't really know the reason behind their philosophy.

Then I learned more about egg and diary production, and thought that, being vegan was still too hard, so I just made an effort to cut down on diary and eggs, and to choose organic when I could.

About six months after that, I had learned so much from being here and from reading other books, that I decided to give veganism a try. I lasted about 6 months and the call of the diary was too hard to ignore, so I went back to ovo-lacto vegn*sm, but I never felt comfortable eating eggs and dairy. I felt guilty, because I knew what I was doing, and still doing it anyway. My reasons for first going veg were mostly environmental, but then they shifted to a more wholistic, spiritual understanding, and eating eggs and dairy caused this uncomfortable state of cognitive dissonance for me.

I was doing it, but it went against the principles of Ahimsa (dynamic harmlessness) that I hold up as my ethical ideals.

I decided to go vegan again 21 days ago, and my soul feels lighter some how.

Angel, every vegetarian has their own reason, and their own journey.

If your reasons for your diet right now feel right for you, then that's great.

They may change over time, and with more experience.

Most peoples do.

Just make sure you listen to your heart.

Good luck on your journey.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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