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For me to be able to eat meat, an animal must die. For me to eat eggs, an animal-to-be must cease the to-be part of that definition. Eggs, to my mind, are chicken abortions.
Actually, if the eggs are not fertilized (grocery store eggs aren't), nothing in the egg is dying when you eat it. It's just like a female human having a period and shedding the eggs that weren't used--it would never be a baby without fertilization.

For me, five months into being vegetarian, I'm comfortable enough. I had discomfort about the eggs/dairy portion enough to stop buying milk (switched to soy and I love it) and cut way back on eggs, only buying organic free range, and only for when I cook with them (not very often). I don't buy milk or eggs in restaurants either. But I have not stopped purchasing items made with these ingredients. I guess we have to each come to the place where we are comfortable, and that could evolve--next year I may go vegan, who knows.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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