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Hello! So I Just recently picked myself up some candy and chocolate from whole foods. I am just curious about the sugar in some of theses and I would love some insight!

Theo - dark chocolate peanut butter cups (and dark chocolate mint bar);
It says on the packaging "suitable for vegans", but I am curious about the sugar because that is all it says about it. Is it no bone char?

YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans
I am sure these are vegan, but what exactly is natural sugar? Is it like beet sugar?

Twilight Chocolate Bar
This has both cane sugar and organic unrefined cane sugar. Is this non bone char?

Okay, so basically my question is on all the chocolates they sell and label vegan, or suitable for vegans, is this true considering the sugar as well? The reason I got all of this candy is because I want to enjoy Halloween without all the chemical crap people hand out. :) I am just starting today in cutting out all of my bone char sugar and am really looking to cut it out from the candy I eat as well! Thank you so much guys and Happy Halloween!
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