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What are your most memerable? Do you/will you pass them on?

These are mine:

I keep remembering Christmas to me when I was in elementry school. I would always long to get awsome pressents for my friends, even though that almost never happend (because of a lack of money). My family always (and sitll does) made Christmas cookies every december, and they were almost better then the gifts. On Christmas Eve, we went to church, where we had a sermon and sang Christian Christmas songs (my favorite is "Sighlent Night," everyone is given a candle at the begining of the service, at the end of the service, the first person on every row has their candle lit, and the fire is passed down the rows, then, the lights are dimmed and everyone sings). Next, my family would drive around the mountains, looking for this cross that someone use to light every year (and joke about the year when mom freaked out because a dog chased our car- My sister and I were laughing, my brother was barking at the dog, and my mom was yelling "he's gonna bight the wheels off!!!"). Next, I would go home, and it would litterly take me hours to fall asleep. Finally, I would wake everyone up (I'm the youngest) by jumping on their beds. First, the stockings would be opend, then all the pressents.

Good times. I hope to pass many of these on if I ever have children. Defantly the church service and jumping on beds at 6 in the morning. The cookies are a must (even my mom did these when she was a kid).
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