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The following site was found by me:

Received anonymously by supportive aboveground groups in the US:

"In the early morning hours of February 27, 2003, the ALF liberated 115 chickens from Merial Select Laboratory (10026 Main Street, Berlin, MD, 21811, Phone 410 641-2060, Fax 410 641-0768)

In the midst of a snowstorm, we made our way to the animal housing units. Using crowbars and boltcutters, we bypassed the alarmed doors by prying and cutting our way through the window panes and wire mesh. After crawling into several barns, we loaded 115 baby chicks into carriers and brought them to safety. They have been taken to temporary housing to live in a period of isolation to ensure that the possible diseases they have been infected with do not spread to others. Afterwards, they will be moved to permanent homes to live freely.

Merial Labs will tell you their research into new vaccines is "helping" animals. The truth is, they are creating vaccines to maximize an animal's life inside a factory farm in order to increase profits from the commodification of life.

Countless animal research facilities commit their atrocities in Maryland, but Merial was targeted specifically because they are a client of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Any friend of HLS is an enemy of the ALF. We know who their clients are. We are out there, and you're next.

until all are free...

the Animal Liberation Front"

Direct link to photos:
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