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Wings have always been especially disturbing to me, it's a whole plate of body parts. And how many chickens have to die for each serving of wings? Ghastly stuff.

A friend of mine wrote a little rant about wings that I quite like:

Chicken Wings: Because You're Worth It?

I don't normally do this but I just can't seem to restrain myself this time. Wouldn't wanna make you feel alienated BUT....

I don't understand chicken wings. You want a bucket of chicken wings? Think about it, and REALLY think about it:

-->How many wings does a chicken have?
-->How many wings are in your bucket?
-->How many living creatures were grossly mistreated and killed for you to have your bucket of their body parts?
-->How much will you enjoy your (their) wings?
-->How much pain do you suppose the birds endured before they died so you could eat their wings?
-->How much nutritional value are your chicken wings offering you?
-->Do you need their wings in order to survive?
-->Should they die for you to have their wings anyway?

And after you've done all that math, the final question:
Do you really think you're worth it?
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