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Cheezy Black Beans on Texas Toast

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This is a very easy and delicious open faced sandwich with a cowboy feel.

Texas Toast or thick sliced vegan bread

1 can or package of black beans

1/4 - 1/3 sliced brown onion

Oil of choice

Cheddar style cheese, non dairy or otherwise


Cayenne pepper or hot sauce

Ketchup (if desired)

Start with traditional Texas Toast, or if vegan or preferred, just use a really good thick sliced sourdough (I used Panera Bread country miche sliced thick) ...if preparing your own toast, just give it a light toasting before applying other ingredients

Slice brown onion and grill over medium heat in oil of choice (I used grapeseed) until just translucent. ..add a package or can of rinsed, drained black beans with just a spoonful or two of fresh water to prevent burning. ..stir onion and beans over medium-low heat until warm

Add salt to beans and onions if desired

Lay toast on broiling pan, perhaps with a drizzle of oil for flavor (especially if preparing a vegan version)

When thoroughly cooked, apply a few spoonfuls of bean mixture on to thick toast

Put non-dairy cheese (my favorite is Daiya cheddar style) or cheese of choice on top of beans n toast

Put under broiler until well melted or browned, but not burnt!

Arrange cheezy bean toasts on plate. Add remaining beans and onions on top, or on the side

Garnish with cayenne powder or hot sauce, and ketchup to taste

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Vegan Tex Mex food sounds good to me
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Not trying perpetuate any exaggeration of beans and flatulence, but here's a nice beans 'n' cowboys clip:

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