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Check this out (need help w/ environmental argument)

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Hey everyone,

I'm subscribed to the "Meet Your Meat" video thread, and recently this has been taken over a bit by IamB, who seems to want to discuss ethics and environmentalism.

I've tried to understand what he's saying, but he seems to be up for an argument.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Or give me a hand fighting my corner?

He seems to dislike the fact that some of us are veggie for animal welfare reasons, and I'm afraid this may turn into a full scale argument. I respect his opinion, but he doesn't seem to want to respect mine.

Head over to the thread for a look.....

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Lol- I'm still trying to figure out my next point. I'm just alittle drained on the topic. I'm glad you're givin it a shot though
I'll keep it up...
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I just don't understand why he's having a go at us...

Thanks for the support Beachbnny!
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