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Baseball's Phillie All-Star had this to say:

"...It's real, it's a danger and it threatens the well-being of all of

us. I love America but I don't love how wasteful we are. With five

percent of the world's population, we consume twenty-five percent of

the planet's energy. We need to address global warming in a serious and

meaningful way. All of us, not just those of us marching, need to take

steps NOW to conserve. We need to think outside the corporate box on

this - to solar, wind power, hybrids. We need a major shift in our

mindset on what makes up the American dream. It's not two SUV's in

every garage, it's creating a good and sustainable life for all of us

for generations to come..."

I wonder if he'd agree that vegetarianism is a great way to reduce that 25% usage of the planet's energy.
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