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If you are going to grab any diet that is more extreme, it is always going to be wise to clear that diet with some kind of medical professional.

That could be a Holistic MD or an MD from Integrative Medicine or an Osteopath. But some medical professional should weigh in to make sure everything is wise and safe.


Well, raw food is wonderful. It is healing. But, we can still encounter some problems. There are a lot of people, especially as you pass age 40, who simply have too many digestive problems to go fully raw.

The Hindu Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda (one of only a handful of people recognized by Mahatma Gandhi as a living saint) recommended a diet that was something like 80% raw.

From my experience, that makes a lot of sense.

Even for people with excellent digestion too many raw veggies is probably going to create some level of digestive issues.

Now, that can be alleviated by juicing and various other things, but, generally there are a few cautions.

I absolutely believe that going fully raw as a detoxification diet is an amazing idea. But, I think, generally, going beyond 2 or 3 months with it, does need some review.

I have worked in a natural foods restaurant, in two natural food bakeries, in about 5 health food stores and under two natropaths. And a friend of the family was a guest host of the Gary Null Show.

Erring on the side of caution is never a bad idea. Putting an extra check and review on any more extreme endeavor, is never a bad idea.
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Hey, maybe to revive this thread?

What I figured was that fermented sauerkraut juice entirely improved my ability to digest raw food
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