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Hah! I was thinking of starting a "monarch butterfly appreciation thread" a few months back, but you sort of beat me to it. Last fall I was crossing a bridge over the river near where I live, about 150' over the water, and saw a monarch butterfly flying south. I know they migrate to Mexico or sometimes California... the sight of the animal flying so far alone was beautiful and sad at the same time...

I'd never heard of "swan plants", and thought that monarch butterfly caterpillars ate milkweed. Anyway, I let milkweed grow around my house in the hope of having a monarch caterpillar family, but I haven't seen any yet. But try not to let your cat eat them for her sake as well as theirs. Monarch caterpillars absorb the poison from the milkweed and use it to protect themselves against predators.

EDITED TO ADD: I just googled "swan plant", and they're in the milkweed family (asclepiadaceae). In other words: monarch butterfly chow. If they do eat them all, possibly you could find some milkweed in your area, but I don't know how they would adjust.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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