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Cat aggression

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I recently brought home a new cat. I already have a cat so I expect some bickering between the two.

But, my new cat (Presley) is showing aggressive behavior to people and my other pets (rats). I was watching him to see what he would do when he went to investigate and he tried getting his hand in their cage.

He will be fine one minute and let you pet him and go near him and then he will randomly hiss and growl and swipe at you with his ears back. He attacked my hand yesterday.

He also showed aggressive behavior towards guests I had at the house.

I brought him home from the clinic on a two week trial. I would feel awful sending him back, but I refuse to endanger the lives of my rats and I don't want this behavior to continue. I don't trust this cat. I am an Animal Science major so I know basic behavioral modification, but I am in class Monday - Friday 9-5.

I am not one to "give up" with my animals and when I get an animal it is for life. But, where do you draw the line?

Any advice or opinions on what I should do?

Thank you!
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When I got a new cat (see thread) I read the book "Cat Vs. Cat" which recommends keeping the cats separated for a while and introducing them slowly, letting them just hear eachother and smell eachother first for a few days and then see each other but not touch yet, and only letting them out together when they're both comfortable with things. So, back up and take the introduction slowerly.
Two weeks isn't long enough for cats to get to know each other, or for him to build trust and get to know you. He's still scared from moving around and living with a bunch of strangers, he needs more time. He's being agressive towards guests because they are even more strangers, my cats certainly don't like strangers trying to touch them, I would say most cats are like that.

He might always be somewhat agressive towards you, my boyfriend's cat likes to be petted when he wants to be petted and other times he wants to be left alone. It's up to you to learn his signals and respect his boundaries.

As for the rats, cats are predators and rats are small and tasty as far as they are concerned. You need to be able to keep the rats and their cage in a separate room from the cats when you're not in the room or something bad will probably happen unless your rat cage is enforced enough to withstand a cat trying to knock it over, pull it apart, etc.

I wouldn't trust any cat in a room alone with rats in a cage they could in any way conceivably open, knock over, or otherwise get into. That goes for almost any commercially built cage I've ever seen.
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I think it would be weirder if he didnt try to catch your rats..Just make sure they're out of his reach.
been there, going through it now. introduced cat #4 to the others 2 weeks ago. so now there are 3 females and 1 male. who is giving the new cat the hardest time? the male cat. i keep telling him that she was an outdoor cat and will kick his ass if she needs to, but he keeps making mean noises at her. best bet, give them some time.
yeah, two weeks totally isn't long enough.

did the cat live on the street before? if so, he's totally used to catching mice/rats for food--it's in his nature. to 'break' him of that you need to make sure whenever they see each other you are there to modify his behavior if he tries to attack.

so, yeah, there are things you can still do...on the other hand if you think it is more than you can handle it may be better to give him back sooner rather than later.
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