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i've been challenged by intestinal yeast overgrowth


most of my adult life

the symptoms come and go

depending on my diet, stress levels, etc.

now that i've gone totally vegetarian

it's more of a challenge again

because the yeast thrives on carbs


anyone have some helpful advice?

i could really use it


last time i went vegetarian

the candida got so bad

i had to go back to eating

meat and veggies only

don't want to have to do that again...

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Yeast thrives on fats/sugars. You didn't "have to" go back to eating meat.

Do some googling and you'll find plenty of appropriate foods for someone who suffers from candida and wants to keep it in check with diet.

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thanks jess

yes, yeast thrives on sugars and carbs

so simple carbs are a no-no for me

however, i'm experiencing symptoms again even from complex carbs

i've done LOTS of reading and experimenting over the years (20)

been advised by nutritionists and doctors of all sorts

just hoping to connect to someone here

who might have this same issue...
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i've had issues with candida for years, but i've been ok for the past year or so, and i eat a vegan diet. i don't have much choice on the vegan side of things, as i'm intollerant to meat and dairy, and my body can't process it (my throat swells up, nose runs, end up living in bathroom in agony). i'm sure you've been thorugh all of this before, but the things that made the most difference for me, was:

no sweeteners/sugars what-so-ever: (no honey, no fructose, no fruits, no cane syrup, none of it) that was the hardest bit, and for the longest time i convinced myself (lied to myself, lol) that a bit here and there would be ok, but i kept getting sick and then struggled to get better when i cut it out again, and then ate it again and got sicker and then found it harder to get better, and then got sicker.... and you know how it is, it goes on and on, lol. none of the fake ones like aspartame either, they didn't do me much good- i stick with stevia.

-nothing fermented at all (no soysauce, no vinegar, no mushrooms, no yeasts, no alcohol) - i have additional environmental mould and yeast allergies too, so i'm really careful with mould and damp and houseplants too. i can handle tofu, but thats pretty much it. i'm sicker in a 100 year old house with carpets in deepest darkest mouldiest rural south west england, than i am in a modern air conditioned wooden floored appartment in drier colder and hotter canada.

- i don't eat wheat or dairy either, as i'm intollerant to these and it exacerbates my issues (cutting out that is pretty standard on a candida diet though, i think)

- staying right away from antibiotics unless its life or death ( i live in fear of the day i'm told i NEED antibiotics), and from prescribed antifungals like nystatin- which work for a week- but don't get to the root of the issue, and the minute i finish the prescription the candida comes right back!

- really good suppliments: i use Threelac (not exactly cheap, but i took about 3 a day for a few months, and it made a huge huge HUGE difference to me- and i lost about 30lb accidently while using it too, hehehe- and am now ok on one sachet a day, every morning before breakfast- i've used this for more than a year now, and if i use my common sense diet wise, i'm ok, but if i run out of it, or miss a dose, i know it) and if i start feeling not right, i dose up on Grapefruit Seed Extract (citrocidal) garlic, and probiotic acidopholis (which i know i should take daily but its too expensive for me). i've not tried collidal silver or caprylic acid yet, but i know there are loads of other things about i could try too, if needs be. threelac is working for now though, so i'm sticking with it.

-focusing on salad style vegetables, clear vegetable soups, etc, when i'm sick (i've got some good candida cookery books, and 'cooking without' books for ideas).

i'm personally ok if i watch my carbs and just don't go nuts on things i know i shouldn't. i pick the most unrefined versions of things like rice that i can, and am cautious around things like baked potatoes, and don't eat them or drink carrot juice in vast amounts, etc. i'm alright with a little brown rice with my curry though- that kind of level of stuff is ok for me. i've even managed a few frozen blackberries recently (like 4 a week, lol) and i'm still doing ok.

i do know of a vegan who is much worse off than me though, (wife of a collegue in an old job) and she can't tollerate carbs like this, she basically eats lots and lots of raw veggies, lots of stirfries, lots of freshly cracked nuts, lots of home made garlic soups etc, and takes suppliments- she's ok as far as i know, though obviously i wouldn't call it an ideal diet for everyone.

i guess you've looked into healing your GI system as well as making the environment inside your body not a happy place for candida to live? its a multi leveled thing- i'm still learning a lot myself, 10 years in.

Have you looked into some of the recipes and ideas of a raw diet, (veggies wise, not the fruit side of things) perhaps this might be helpful to you for ideas for things to eat? i'm not hugely up on raw stuff, but they do seem to have some inventive solutions and ideas for meals.

sorry that i've probably gone over stuff you've gone over a billion times before... i can't really think of any more profound wisdom to offer! you have my sympathies, i remember how awful i've felt at times when my candida was really bad.

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thank you jen


you've been through the ringer too

i'm really struggling with food addicitions right now

the yeast is craving big time

feel like i'm going through know, i'm sure...

as for me,

i've always felt cleanest/clearest on lean meat and vegetable diet

but i really don't want to eat meat anymore

in the past, i was not able to tolerate any legumes

so it wasn't an option for me

however, this year, i seem to do better with beans than ever before

so i am really hopeful...

our weather here

has been very damp and cool this month

which usually sets me off

so i understand your "100 year old house in england" comment



gives me the hives, just thinking about that!


and we also just moved

so, the stress of moving...

stress is usually a trigger

and because of the move

i'm not eating or sleeping as well as usual either

too busy to cook and shop...

i really need to forget about these boxes

and go shopping and start cooking again...

you have reminded me of so many things i have been unconciously eating!

fermented foods

too much wheat and dairy

and coffee to keep me going this week!!!




colloydal silver has been good for me in the past

and caprylic acid i just discovered

through young living

it is also very pricey

not sure yet if it's helping

but i'm not giving it much of a chance this week either...

acidophilus is a life saver for me


i did have a nuclear round of antibiotics about 15 years ago

for an after-birth infection, which turned into peritonitis

admittedly, the antibiotics DID save my life

but then nearly killed me

my nutritionist put me on an intensive acidophilus treatment

and diet

it secured my rebound...

i don't know about threelac

what is it?

i'll look into that too

it's time for the big guns again...

thanks so much for your generous

and thoughtful response!

i'm completely comforted and full of hope since...

thank you!!!!!!!
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awww, sounds like you've had a lot going on recently- i know when i've had lots of chaotic life stuff going on, and things have got overwhelming, it's been my downfall too. when there are a billion things going on, it is hard to try and prioritise your health, especially when its so easy to not think about it on reflex, and to grab that takeout, and so hard to find the time to buy groceries, plan meals, and cook a lot of stuff from scratch- especially when you start feeling lousy- which often makes you feel less able to find the strength to make changes.

i'm lucky that i've often got the time to make stuff like soups in bulk and freeze it in portion sized amounts, that helps a lot for when times are busy. some books i've read recommend using a crockpot to make meals when you do have the strength- the idea s that you throw a few things in it in the morning, and voila- dinner is ready for you 12 hours later, by which point you're too tired to make anything!- i've never tried it, but it sounds like a good idea. i'm also quite lucky that with many things, i have quite an instant response from eating the wrong food- i can't slip up too easily cos my body punishes me real fast, lol, so i've got really good at planning ahead and making sure i have something around to eat that won't hurt me.

it sounds like you know a lot about your condition, and are really aware of where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and whats affecting your health right now, as well as long term- thats really great, lots of people don't get that far- it can only get better, right?

re threelac: if you google 'threelac' you'll find it everywhere. its a bit of a weird product, with a following of people who swear it made a huge difference to them, and a following who weren't so enamoured with it.

without trying to be to technical (you'll get explainations of what it is, and does, and why and how, everywhere) its a lemon flavoured powder in a sachet, which contains a combination of a few vitamins (i think) as well as a fibre product, and a little micro-organism that loves to eat yeast, with a little bit of a special yeast in the packet for it to eat (don't panic about the yeast in the product, its a special yeast- it doesn't affect me, and i have yeast allergies, lol).

you swallow the sachet with a glass of water, and the little micro-organisms are supposed to basically go through your body, and munch on any candida yeast they come into contact with, then die off themselves after a day or two (cos the last thing you'd want is a colony of them in there too, lol).

its some weird new amazing japanese technology, as far as i know. its mainly sold as a dietary supplement, and has claims that you can eat a standard american diet with it, and be ok, but for me, it works if i keep to my 'common sense' candida diet- for my friends and family who aren't sick with candida, but who don't feel 'right', its also successfully stopped them feeling so gassy and bloated and sluggish in the tummy region.

it might be worth looking into, anyway.

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threelac does sound really weird

i'm very open and curious though, so....

by the way, jen

i noticed your signature quote from dogma last week

just realized it's yours

i LOVE it

i even mentioned the quote to my partner this weekend

it's really FANTASTIC!

i don't remember that line from dogma

remember who said it?

i'm absolutely with you

beliefs DO tend to cause chaos

and potentially immense needless suffering

especially, imho, in the area of religion...

personally, i guess i'd fall under the "spiritual, not religious" category

but i don't even like that category...

i am who i am


thanks again

you've been a huge support to me today, love...


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glad to have made a difference to your day

the quote: I think it was said by Rufus, the 13th desciple, played by Chris Rock.

That movie is great on so many levels

its there in my signature to remind me that however much i think to know (which often times is too much- i can be a bit of a smart-arse, lol), i really don't 'know' that much to definately be 100% true, in all cases, in black and white, and straight down the line, in a 'thats how it is' way. i think i'm safer to just have ideas about stuff, and to keep thinking and learning and growing... with ideas, i can work on them, and if they need a little changing over time, no big deal, lol.

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Ive had candida on and off for over a year. My Gp has said its because of my weight and my blood sugar is slightly elevated. I only seem to get it under my arms. I used canestan topical cream but this time its not worked. I am awaiting to pick up a prescription for Nystatin cream.

I am going to start Acidophilis at the same time.

I feel that my whole body is invaded, yuk!!.

I am as well trying hard to shift some weight off and in one year I have lost 1 stone, but now plateaued off.!!

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My friend suffered from this a lot, but she learned to be without daily pantyliners and that stopped the situation. Also sour juices, like cranberry etc. are a good thing. She has not stopped eating candy etc. You could also try sleeping without underwear at night. That helps many people.

I myself was just diagnosed with slight yest infection, but I've never had any of the symptoms at all. But I was prescribed Diflucan all the same. I have also vulvodynia.
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