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i don't know how accurate this test is. i've taken it, and failed horribly. my mum failed dismally too, and my brother, and my dad as well. i do get pretty bad candida problems if i don't seriously watch what i eat. my mum gets upset stomachs and sinus problems, but has felt substantially better since she cut out dairy and cut back on sugar, wheat and yeast. my dad gets indigestion, but thats probably cos he eats very poorly, same with my brother- who gets stomach problems, and eats badly. neither of them actually undertook a candida diet, so haven't shown a correlation between 'the test', 'the cure/a regime' and any improvement. i don't know anyone who's taken the test while feeling 100% well, or anyone who's passed it, so i can't offer much balance on it. we'd need a much bigger study group to know

it doesnt seem hugely scientific to me (not that i'm a scientist). even if it is accurate for candida in the mouth, i'd be dubious about its accuracy overall, because how can a mouthful of spit in a glass of water (the alledged saliva test) reflect whats going on everywhere else in your body?- for example- how does it tell you if there is a candida problem in your bladder, or an inbalance of bacteria in your digestive system, or a yeast infection under your arms, or between your toes, etc?

there are a range of candida tests around, doctors can send a variety of samples off for testing, there are blood tests around, etc- lots of them have doubts and discussions round their reliability and accuracy depending on who's opinion you ask for. a spit test, regardless of its accuracy, is by no means the only option to test for candida.

i think that while candida in many forms, may be a serious problem for some people, it may also often be used as a catch-all for a wide range of symptoms by unqualified or misguided people looking to sell 'miracle cures' or looking for a diagnosis for a general malaise or unknown condition - a reason and a name and a cure for it, that they can't find elsewhere.

i also think many people eat way too much refined sugar and other unhealthy foods, and as a result quite a few of us will have lousy levels of intestinal (and elsewhere) friendly bacteria, which amongst other things gives naturally occouring candida an opportunity to flourish and get out of hand.

improving a less than healthy diet is a positive step, regardless of your 'saliva test' results, but if you don't have any candida symptoms, you eat well, and you don't feel unwell, have any weird symptoms or problems, or get a lot of yeast infections, etc, then i really wouldn't worry about whether the test is accurate or not, or spend any money trying to improve your spit test results.... you know?

if you do want to do something- i'd just look into cutting back on refined sugars and junk food, and getting a good daily probiotic supplement- and see how you feel a month later- i can't see how that could do any harm, and it won't hurt your pocket anywhere near as much as many of the products and regimes for treating candida available on the market would.

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Has anyone ever tried the Candida home test listed at the bottom of this page:

I tried it this morning and the results were not good. All my saliva sank to the bottom and was cloudy. I don't really have many of the symptoms associated with candida, though. Does this home test hold much weight?
The usual candida test don't have much weigh as most people would test positive. That includes stool testing. Candida are all around and thrive on simple sugars (which doesn't mean shunning off all carbohydrates). Candida is of concern if the mucosa is infiltrated. In the mouth one would see large white plaque, in the intestinal tract you need endoscopy.

I strongly agree with Hoodedclawjen.

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if you do want to do something- i'd just look into cutting back on refined sugars and junk food, ...
Good luck! Lothar
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