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Mailout, 02 April 2007 21:08:30 - Win Animal Rights

Despite the fact that reports are coming in that many baby seals born this season have already perished because of diminishing ice floes (no doubt due to global warming), the Canadian government has sanctioned the mass slaughter of 270,000 baby seals this year. There will be no witnesses to the carnage because the Canadian government is afraid and/or ashamed to allow anyone to see what is happening on the blood red ice.

We have received many messages from our list subscribers and MySpace friends begging us to do something to stop the killing of innocent baby seals. We received one message which was particularly thought provoking. The message said simply this:

"Maybe now is the time to stop talking and to start doing. Maybe if 270,000 direct actions took place to avenge the deaths of the 270,000 baby seals, we would see an end to this bloody slaughter. Maybe if activists started waking up Canadian officials in the middle of the night, with the plaintive cries of babies dying on the ice, they would finally get the message. Maybe if Canadian officials had to deal with a constant stream of Embassy visitors that were there to return Canadian products or cancel Canadian vacations, maybe they would stop killing baby seals."

Although we participate only in legal actions, we think this message warrants consideration.

  • Is there a way to take direct action for the seals without breaking the law?
  • Does a slaughter, that is morally/ethically indefensible, justify illegal direct action?
  • When words fail, what actions should be taken?
  • What kind of direct action is the most effective?

Clearly having a peaceful protest at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate once a year is not enough to stop the killing. Here is an opportunity for creative problem solving by our collective. We urge you to think about the questions listed above and to write to us with your thoughts and suggestions, as soon as possible. Remember, the killing on the Canadian ice has already started.

Since this list is for announcements only, if we get good responses on the questions above or if folks are interested in a group discussion, we will try to find an on-line venue to host a discussion. Let us know what you think.

E-mail Centcom at the address below.

For more info contact Win Animal Rights at: [email protected]

Call: 646.267.9934 or visit the WAR website at:
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