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I guess small steps ought to be considered better than nothing at all, but

will more than double the percentage of cage-free eggs it's using to 5 percent by the end of the year.
means will still be using 95 percent battery-cage eggs and

The volume of pork purchases coming from gestation crate-free producers will double to 20 percent by the end of the year.
is still 80 percent of pork purchases coming from producers using gestation crates.

I wonder if customers will be asked at the counter gestation-crate pork or non-gestation-crate-pork?

controlled atmosphere killing of chickens used for meat to cause significantly less suffering than the conventional method of slaughter
Controlled atmosphere killing is a really sickening term for murder.

Burger King's commitment to begin moving away from these abuses confirms a clear vision of the future: one where practices such as intensive confinement in tiny crates has no place.

I wonder why I dont buy their commitment, or that any (meat) burger chain would care about animal welfare at all. Thats like the tobacco industry pushing anti-smoking regulations. Its just PR, and if it were meant to lead to any real (major) changes, then burger chains should better start putting more and better veg*n options on their menu now.

Educating people about their food (i. e., its ingredients and origins!) might effect more changes. But somehow, I don't picture any burger chain handing out Earthlings or Fast Food Nation DVDs with their happy meals

(what a rant, sorry
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