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Just yesterday I got this email from Farm Sanctuary action alerts:

Buckeye Chickens Need Your Help!

After years of operating horrific battery hen egg factories, where millions of hens are barely able to move inside tiny, crowded cages, Buckeye Egg Farm, Ohio's largest egg company, has been ordered to close!

The Ohio Department of Agriculture told Buckeye it has to begin closing its battery sheds, due to years of violating its operating permits and breaking environmental regulations. Buckeye Farm is appealing the decision and has been granted a temporary stay of the shutdown order. Buckeye Egg Farm has claimed they would have to "bury" chickens in landfills if they have to close two barns a week.

In 2000, when Farm Sanctuary rescued 1,500 hens from a Buckeye facility that was hit by a tornado, neither the government nor the company did what was necessary to ensure animals did not suffer. After hundreds of thousands of birds suffered without food, water or shelter for 15 days, the company bulldozed the cages and buried the birds alive. Please insist that the nearly 15 million hens imprisoned within Buckeye's walls not be made to suffer any more because of this company's wrongdoing! Please send polite, insistent letters to:

The Honorable Bob Taft

Governor of Ohio

77 South High Street, 30th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215-6117

Fax: 614-466-9354

The Honorable Fred L. Dailey

Director, Department of Agriculture

8995 East Main Street

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Fax: 614-466-6124

*Urge them to allow enough time for every bird to be treated humanely. Ask that rescue groups such as Farm Sanctuary be permitted to recover as many birds as possible. Insist that any birds who must be destroyed be humanely euthanized. No cruel approach is acceptable.

We should ALL write letters to these guys, it is very important. The good news is that Buckeye is being shut down, they were the evilest egg place of all time.
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