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I have been in a car that caught on fire and burnt to a crisp.

I have also been sailing and have dumped, and been caught in the rigging. The thing 'deathrolled on me' (good name for good reason) and I got stuck. That's when instead of the boat tipping away from you it tips onto you.

It plunged me underwater, which happens often, but once under I realised not only was I stuck under the sail, and being kept there, but the main lines were tightly wrapped around my ankles and the boom was pushing them and thus me deeper underwater.

I had to force myself to stay calm and untie the ropes, rather than allowing myself to panic- my first reaction.

My BF Trev has way better stories than me though.

When he was about 19 or 20 he rolled his Honda Civic completely over about 3 times. There was a carbon monoxide leak and he passed out cold, slumped onto the gas, ran off the road, and up the embankments beside the highway.

When he woke up the next day in hospital they weren't sure if he would ever walk again.


When he was about 3 or 4 and living in the Toronto area all the kids around would play in this neat fort in this neat ravine by their house. Trev was allowed to go as the tag-along little bro, to his big bro, who was about 7.

AS they were playing one day a man they didn't know showed up and grabbed Trevor. HE told them all to be quiet or he'd kill them all. Then he duct taped Trevors arms and legs and mouth and told his brother if anyone moved, Trevor would die and it would be all his fault.

Trev remembers the guy telling him if he made any noise he'd "Never see his Mummy and Daddy again" and he still maintains that's about the scariest thing a kid could ever hear.

ONe smart (and quiet) kid snuck away as this was happening and got the nearest person (one of the kid's dads) to help. As the man was running away with Trevor tied up and flipped over his back this Dad came screaming up and yelling. The kidnapper panicked and dropped Trevor on the ground and ran off, just before getting to his van.

Trev was fine, but DAMN that's scary!!
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