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British Army killing bears for their ceremonial hats!

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I recently found out that the British Army are using fur from Black Bears hunted in the US and Canada for this purpose only for the Army's ceremonial hats. You know the famous black tall hat? Changing of the Guard etc.

Here's a link which explains more

With a picture of the hat, I'm sure most of you will recognise.

The army have apparently tried out a synthetic version and found it not to be suitable??? for some reason, however they find synthetic furs ok to use in other places?

Hundreds of bears are killed every year for this disgusting piece of clothing, and it's all for the tourists!!! I bet 99% of them have no idea what they are actually getting their picture taken beside

I have made a petition for people to sign against this disgusting practice, I would be grateful if you would sign this.

I have only had 3 signatures so far and desperately need more
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You say that the British army kill bears from Canada, if you look on the link you posted ( it clearly says that the Canadian Army also use bearskin.

This practice is not limited, however, to just these countries Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Holland and Sweden are also listed as killing bears for their fur for use in a militarally cerimonial context.

I suggest that you aim your petition, not to the British Army, but to the Canadian government. If the Canadians are also using bear fur then they will therefore sympathise with the British when it comes to supplying it, if it were to be stopped in Canada then the Canadians may well be less inclined to sell the fur to the British, and undoubtedly the Belgians, Danish, Italians, Dutch and Swedes also.
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